{December 29 2013}


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I now have a second Ask RP blog!!!! I was accepted to the group Ask Enchanting Worlds to play Regina!
And the OOC blog associated with it:

If you’re a fan of OUAT, an Evil Regal, or even if you like my blog (and/or my Jafar blog), please check it out and send in some questions! :)

I know what you’re all thinking - I’m a guy. It’s super weird that I’m playing a woman character, right? If it helps, I relate to Regina in a LOT of ways, and I’m in a very, very similar boat as her, both in my present and in my past. I’m sure I’ll be elaborating on it in future posts, but yes… It’s scary how similar Regina and I are. She is what hooked me into the show, and I’m not the only person who’s noticed parallels between her and me. And I continue to notice more similarities every time I watch an episode. So please give me a chance! I won’t disappoint you!

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